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(Upcycling project at APOPHENIA, in 2016)
(APOPHENIA, a design studio paid attention to the environment and connections within communities)

Stitch was a collaborative project between APOPHENIA, green fashion studio Circoloop, and the sewing group from St. James’ Settlement – a Hong Kong-based charity and community centre for the socially vulnerable. The aim was to initiate a truly three-way effort, giving a sense of purpose and dignity to members of St. James at the same time as reusing waste materials generated within the design industry.

We drafted the initial prototype of a simple phone pouch, constructed using bulk waste from an interior design firm. Circoloop finalised the design, adding details using leftover material from a local clothing company. Then each pouch was assembled at St. JamesSettlement as part of its rehabilitation programme for people with mental disabilities. Assisted by sewing professionals and social workers, the finished products were to a high standard, which all the team were proud of. In this way, Stitch was about more than a single design object, but rather encouraged the use of design to thread together a community of producers committed to environmental protection and social equality.

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