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A Map of Maps

(Project in Master’s degree, in 2019)

As a reflection of the pervasive digital technologies in modern society and how they redefine our obsolete value in representation, this poster visualises the function of narration to (re)present a dispute over the land ownership and access rights to some privatised roads in Aespa, a town in Rapla county.

Analysing and Synthesising findings   |    Storytelling


Rather than being an instrument of depicting the environment, this map emphasises another way of engaging with ‘maps’-  focusing less on the data itself, but on our interpretation of it. It does so by mapping a particular narrative: referenced to the 45-degree angles style from London’s tube map to abstract the graphical information and stress the connections between dots.


I mapped the privatised roads in Aespa and connected with the uses of the open data on Maaamet’s (Estonian Land Board) map server and parallel to the dispute to illustrate the political issue.

All icons used in the images were edited from Flaticon Contents
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