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Service Design Practitioner accredited by Service Design Network  

Hello, I'm Hazel!

The future development of technology and how it will continue to shape our lives and societies have always fascinated me. In the fast-paced social and technological changes of the 21st century, my approach to design is humanising interactions - making positive changes with interactions between humans and technology to thrive in modern society.

I am an analytical and creative professional with a diverse background in Service Design, Spatial Design and Research. My expertise in these areas has allowed me to become a problem solver specialising in identifying potential enhancements and new opportunities for systems, workflow, and user experience.


Through my work and experiences, I am skilled in formulating hypotheses based on insights and various explorations to create meaningful impacts for all stakeholders. As a Storyteller & data visualiser, I have the ability to transform complex data into meaningful visual stories that engage and communicate with audiences. 



A map of maps

Analysing and Synthesising findings  |  Storytelling
Formulating hypotheses    |  Research and Analysis - Human activities and social impacts

Study in

Digital Transformation


StarRide Express

Sustainable service ecosystem   |  Systems thinking and Futures thinking  |  Service business strategy  |  Experience design
User Research   |  Co-creation Workshops Facilitation  |  Prototyping and Experimentation |  Visual Presentation




Collaborating and Engaging with Cross-disciplinary Teams    |  Adding values for different stakeholders
Collaborating and Engaging with Cross-disciplinary Teams    |  Adding values for different stakeholders



Radical  Experimentation in Users of a Space

Exploration in the interactions of user experiences in different spaces    |   Conceptualise and visualise intangible system
survey report-p4.jpg

Survey Report - Ida-Virumaa county youth’s future

Visual Communication     |   Recommendation and Implementation

Survey Report - Awareness and contribution to the security of Estonia

Visual Communication     |   Recommendation and Implementation
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